Download: Purchasing FP&A Software for Dummies

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Learn how to research, evaluate and select the perfect FP&A software for your finance and business needs 

Download the eBook: Purchasing FP&A Software for DummiesIf your business growth, new reporting demands or other factors have you looking for new FP&A software, chances are you've encountered a familiar, overwhelming scene. 

Purchasing FP&A Software for Dummies takes you through each stage of the purchasing process, how to evaluate and compare vendors and ultimately, how to find your perfect FP&A software.

Download the ebook today for valuable lessons and insights including:

  • Discovering the tips, tricks and tactics to make the best decision for your department or organization, like involving end users in the process from day one
  • Focusing on the features that matter, differentiating table stake from critical success factors such as ease-of-use, adoption and executive buy-in
  • Navigating the vendor landscape by leveraging analyst reports, software review sites, peer recommendations and other resources
  • Determining your vendor shortlist based not only on features and benefits, but training and implementation requirements, finance ownership or use cases beyond budgeting
  • The top 10 questions to ask all your shortlist software vendors, and more...