Improve your Budgeting Process

  • Corcentric1:44


    How Vena helps Corcentric with better data, making accounting more collaborative with senior management more interested in the stories behind the numbers.

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  • Dot Foods1:52

    Dot Foods

    How Vena helped Dot Foods Triples Budgeting Accuracy

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  • Partners In Health1:56

    Partners In Health

    How Vena helped Partners In Health Reduces Budget Cycle From 30 Days To 2 Days

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  • Live Customer Reference Panel - November 201942:47

    Live Customer Reference Panel - November 2019

    Hear from finance pros at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, Asure Software, the Arizona Cardinals and Tanger Outlets as they describe their experiences discovering, implementing and using Vena.

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  • See Vena in 5 Minutes5:53

    See Vena in 5 Minutes

    The power of an enterprise-grade budgeting solution combined with the intuitive interface of Excel. See the best of both software that works the way you think.

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  • Arizona Cardinals1:49

    Arizona Cardinals

    Discover how the Arizona Cardinals have been able to completely replace both Blackline and Adaptive Insights with Vena, a tool that "does everything."

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  • iPSL1:46


    Discover how a market leader in the UK banking industry reduced their budgeting & forecasting cycle times from 6 weeks to 10 days.

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  • FirstService Residential1:40

    FirstService Residential

    Discover how North America's largest residential property management company used Vena to work smarter - not harder - and cut budget & forecast cycle times from nearly two days to just an hour.

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  • Vena Case Study: Crowe UK LLP

    Vena Case Study: Crowe UK LLP

    Learn how a leading audit, tax, advisory and risk firm reduced their budget cycle time by 87% with Vena.

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  • Saint Mary's University1:49

    Saint Mary's University

    Discover how a Halifax university cut weeks' worth of financial processes and capital project planning down to mere hours, including a 70% reduction in budgeting.

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  • Vena Case Study: Vanguard University

    Vena Case Study: Vanguard University

    Vanguard University uncovers profitability at a student unit level.

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  • Vena Case Study: Biola University (Budgeting)

    Vena Case Study: Biola University (Budgeting)

    Biola loves Vena for flexibility and Excel.

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  • Vena Courts Excel Devotees

    Vena Courts Excel Devotees

    Vena is designed specifically for Microsoft's spreadsheet, providing workflow, audit capabilities, business rules and an in memory analytical database to underpin native Excel features.

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  • BPM Pulse Survey 2016

    BPM Pulse Survey 2016

    The Pulse of Performance Management series is designed to provide an unbiased and up to date overview of the world of business performance management.

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  • Vena Cloud Security

    Vena Cloud Security

    Cloud software has achieved mainstream adoption today, with 3/10 top 10 U.S. banks trusting Vena to manage their most sensitive financial and performance management data.

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  • Better Modern Budgeting

    Better Modern Budgeting

    Better Budgets Mean Better Business!Whether you call it painful and time-consuming, there’s certainly no shortage of complaints finance and have about the annual budgeting. Download the E-book now.

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  • American Health Partners1:47

    American Health Partners

    Hear from the Director of FP&A about how Vena's Excel-based approach made it easy to cut days' worth of redundant work out of the monthly budgeting & reporting processes.

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  • EG Workforce Solutions1:37

    EG Workforce Solutions

    Discover how relying on Vena's ease of use and access to granular data helped a Michigan staffing company scale up to the next level.

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  • Better Enterprise Budgeting in Microsoft Excel31:58

    Better Enterprise Budgeting in Microsoft Excel

    Learn how Vena keeps you in native Excel while adding workflow, audit and version control to financial planning and analysis processes.

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  • Saint Mary's University1:46

    Saint Mary's University

    Hear from Saint Mary's University about why it's better to choose an FP&A software provider that truly cares about the people using the platform.

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