Arizona Cardinals

"We've been able to take Vena and completely take two platforms that we were using and replace it with one tool."

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest continuously run professional football team in the United States. As the franchise expanded its operations, they purchased Blackline and Adaptive Insights - but neither tool worked the way the Cardinals' finance team needed them to work. When controller Christine Harms discovered Vena, she was impressed at how easy it was to perform critical functions that she felt both Adaptive and Blackline couldn't handle.

Discover how the Arizona Cardinals have been able to completely replace two tools with a tool that "does everything." 



Hi, my name is Christine Harms, and I’m the controller of the Arizona Cardinals. I handle all of the day-to-day accounting for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, all of the financial statement production, and reports for leadership.

We started out doing our account reconciliations. We used Blackline, and in the recent years have realized that Blackline, for our purposes, was a digital binder.

We still did everything in Excel – we uploaded those Excel document into Blackline. Going through a reconciliation, every time I opened it, I had to open a different Excel workbook and then go through my notes. My notes were in email: I had one email open for one company, went through all their recs.

So that binder effect never really changed, between flipping a piece of paper in an actual 3-inch binder to opening and closing a document on the website and then still typing out my notes.

We currently use Adaptive Insights – bought a tool for 4 years and never used it, because we couldn't make it work.

I was contacted by Vena. In 3 weeks’ time with 3 questions about the whole Excel workbook, had a presentation that knocked it out of the ballpark. “This is what we want” and then the demo was “checkmark, checkmark, checkmark, checkmark - okay this does everything.”

We've been able to take Vena and completely take two platforms that we were using and replace it with one tool.



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