The Big Win: Getting FP&A Implementation Right

If you were on the exhibit floor at the 2019 FinNext conference, you'd see no shortage of compelling FP&A software. You might even find the perfect solution for your needs. But what happens after your software selection?

Software implementation is as important as its features and benefits, but how do you implement it:

• So your team actually uses it?
• So you realize all its features and benefits?
• So FP&A helps shape your company’s future?

To learn how, check out The Big Win: Getting FP&A Software Implementation Right, a FinNext 2019 presentation delivered by Vena's Rishi Grover and Marcus Huffer of Mill Street Residential. Featuring a 10-point best practices checklist, and based on original research and hundreds of successful implementations, this slide deck includes:

• Homework and expectations you should nail down before you get started 
• Setting up implementation goals and success criteria
• The direct link between implementation, adoption and business success

To become a true implementation expert, dig into the best practices above and the 10 questions you should ask any shortlist vendor. Read the CFO Research report, Beyond the Sale: Successfully Implementing FP&A Software

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