Accurately Predict and Forecast Revenue

  • See Vena in 5 Minutes5:53

    See Vena in 5 Minutes

    The power of an enterprise-grade budgeting solution combined with the intuitive interface of Excel. See the best of both software that works the way you think.

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  • iPSL1:46


    Discover how a market leader in the UK banking industry reduced their budgeting & forecasting cycle times from 6 weeks to 10 days.

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  • BPM Pulse Survey 2016

    BPM Pulse Survey 2016

    The Pulse of Performance Management series is designed to provide an unbiased and up to date overview of the world of business performance management.

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  • Vena Cloud Security

    Vena Cloud Security

    Cloud software has achieved mainstream adoption today, with 3/10 top 10 U.S. banks trusting Vena to manage their most sensitive financial and performance management data.

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  • Vena Budgeting ROI Report

    Vena Budgeting ROI Report

    See highlights from IDC’s analysis of Vena customers and their budgeting experiences, including a three-year 456% ROI using the company’s FP&A software

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  • Why Replace Your Traditional Finance Software with Enterprise Excel

    Why Replace Your Traditional Finance Software with Enterprise Excel

    Excel never goes away, so why not replace your traditional finance software for enterprise Excel?

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  • Next Generation CPM

    Next Generation CPM

    BPM Partners certifies vendors representing the next generation of performance management

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  • Rolling Forecasts

    Rolling Forecasts

    Why More Companies Aren’t Adopting Rolling Forecasts...And How To Fix It

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  • Watch Vena's Product Demo28:42

    Watch Vena's Product Demo

    Enterprise financial planning, analysis and reporting

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  • Let's Get Rolling

    Let's Get Rolling

    10 tips for moving from static budgets to rolling forecasts

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  • Vena: An Enterprise Excel Platform

    Vena: An Enterprise Excel Platform

    Find out what makes Vena an enterprise Excel platform.

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  • Vena Courts Excel Devotees

    Vena Courts Excel Devotees

    Vena is designed specifically for Microsoft's spreadsheet, providing workflow, audit capabilities, business rules and an in memory analytical database to underpin native Excel features.

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  • Business Case - Adopting Excel Centric CPM in Cloud

    Business Case - Adopting Excel Centric CPM in Cloud

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  • Vena Web Dashboards

    Vena Web Dashboards

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  • The Hybird Approach

    The Hybird Approach

    A new approach disrupts that trend by missing spreadsheets with key aspects of packaged solutions. To lower risk and cost, this hybrid method innovates - by retaining and "rehabilitating" the indispen

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