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Infographic: IDC - The Value of Vena for Budgeting & Planning

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Document #EMEA44443218 © 2018 IDC. www.idc.com (Number of sta hours per budget) 2,000 1,500 2,500 3,000 1,000 500 0 3,500 4,000 4,500 5,000 1,856 60% fewer 4,640 Before Vena Solutions With Vena Solutions Interviewed organizations reported that Vena Solutions has helped them streamline and improve the quality of budgets. As a result, they devote less sta time to budgetary activities and reduce budget-related risk. Further, by oering a user-friendly interface and improved visibility into budget processes, they have made more line-of-business users robust participants in budgetary processes. www.idc.com Fewer budget errors 90% 3-year ROI 456% Payback period 6 months "We did extensive research and looked at six or seven vendors besides Vena, including doing a POC with two other vendors. Vena was chosen mainly for its flexibility and the fact that it uses Excel as an interface. We really needed the flexibility because our business is complex. We have five business models within our business and had to choose a solution that could address all of them." 23% faster to get budgetary approval 45% faster creation of budgets 19% higher finance team productivity Higher Finance Teams Productivity $163,900 Higher Data Entry Teams Productivity $227,100 Higher Operations/Line-of-Business Team Productivity $223,800 An IDC Infographic sponsored by Vena Solutions

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