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Great on Their Own, Even Better Together The tight integration of Vena and NetSuite makes it easy to capture, analyze, and report on data in real time in a central, controlled and familiar environment. By leveraging the two solutions, your organization will benefit from: • Effective collaboration between finance and business managers • More complex, detailed financial modeling and analytics • Simple drill-down from models in Vena to actual transactions in NetSuite • Dynamic, flexible reporting on real-time financial performance • The familiarity and already widespread use of NetSuite and Excel • Sophisticated workflow, audit trail and business rules • A centralized, secure database that produces a "single version of the truth" • Easy comparison of budget numbers with actuals captured automatically from NetSuite Trust your data for better, faster decisions • Data is automatically transferred between Vena and NetSuite – plan numbers, actuals, user comments and other metadata – ensuring everyone sees the right data at the right time • A centralized database, sophisticated workflow and detailed audit trail keep your spreadsheets in a controlled environment, eliminating version control issues and the need for manual, error-prone tasks • Managers can easily assign tasks, due dates and instructions to users with a drag-and drop process designer that automatically sends email notifications to contributors and reviewers to keep them on track Experience unmatched performance, power and productivity • Vena's centralized database and in-memory computing let you store, manage and analyze large volumes of data with unparalleled speed and performance • Use Vena to slice and dice data to analyze your performance from different perspectives and create dynamic, insightful, exportable reports that keep managers and stakeholders informed • Take advantage of Vena's cloud delivery model for scalability, security and stable costs designer that automatically sends email notifications to contributors and reviewers to keep them on track Keep using the tools you already know and love • Continue using Excel and NetSuite as you know them today to minimize training needs, accelerate end-user adoption, and eliminate the need for IT involvement • Leverage your NetSuite financial management system and your existing Excel templates, models and drivers so you don't need to spend time rebuilding your assets in a new environment • Take advantage of both companies' dedicated solutions, training and support teams Beyond Finance: Extend your ERP and CPM solutions • Together, Vena and NetSuite represent the most popular offering you and your team can choose for financial management, planning, forecasting and reporting • Vena's unified ERP/CPM solution can easily extend to other operations and business processes, from your HR and sales processes to industry specific solutions, including energy and education • Together, Vena and NetSuite allow you to automate any process that relies on spreadsheets for collecting, consolidating and reporting data; as a result, you'll save time, eliminate errors and trust the numbers you need Vena turns Microsoft Excel into an enterprise-class business solution with a centralized database, workflow and more. With Vena, you get trusted numbers and insights - fast - while still using Excel. U N I T E D S T A T E S | C A N A D A | U N I T E D K I N G D O M | N E T H E R L A N D S | S O U T H A F R I C A | A U S T R A L I A @venasolutions 1 855 207 1770 VENA AND NETSUITE

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