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Business Case - Adopting CPM with Excel in the Cloud

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Productivity and Cycle Time Improvements In a manual Excel-centric CPM process, staff spend a majority of their time performing manual tasks such as: • Formatting spreadsheets • Copying actuals from source systems • Rolling over and distributing spreadsheets, templates and reports • Collecting and consolidating spreadsheet data • Re-keying data • Incorporating late submissions and changes • Identifying and correcting errors • Tracking status of the overall process • Formatting and distributing reports • Managing process checklists The power of automated cloud CPM solutions is in the features they deliver beyond basic Excel, although some solutions do include Excel as their native user interface because it increases user adoption rates. Here is a sample list of features that drive productivity and cycle time improvements: • Seamless integration with source systems (e.g., transactional data) • Central data repository to ensure one version of the truth • Streamlined rollover to the next period • Automated consolidation of data from users in the field • Data analysis and modeling capabilities • Annotations to explain data anomalies • Notifications to input data or review/approve documents • Status reports and alerts to keep processes on track • Web-based access on any device, anytime and anywhere • Automated report distribution Productivity Benefits: Reduce manual budget data collection/consolidation by up to 75% Streamline budget reviews and approvals by up to 50% Automate and accelerate management and financial reporting by up to 50% Streamline financial consolidations processes by up to 50% Result: Users spend more time on value-added analysis Cycle Time Improvements: 50% reduction in budget cycle time 70% time savings in their planning processes 50-70% reduction in the time needed to complete consolidation work Result: Management makes faster decisions

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