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Nucleus Research CPM Technology Value Matrix 2016 [RWH] [FGI]

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NucleusResearchInc.100StateStreetBoston,MA02109 NucleusResearch.com Phone:+1617.720.2000 1 CPMTECHNOLOGYVALUE MATRIX2016 A N A L Y S T AnneMoxie T H E B O T T O M L I N E Thecorporateperformancemanagement(CPM) spaceisa relativelymaturemarket ;therefore,higher usabilityand lower costofownershipforsolutions are becomingincreasingly important . Inaddition,customersaredemandingthatbasicCPM functionalityisaugmentedwithmoreanalytics capabilities .Withthese additionalfeatures,CPMtoolsarestartingtodeliveraddedvalueto departmentsoutsideofthetraditionalfinanceteams. InthisMatrix,Nucleusfoundthatforcustomerstoexperiencemaximumvaluefrom theirCPMdeployments,theirsol utionsneedtohavehighusability,analytics functionality,and operability bybusinessuserswithoutITinvolvements . Investmentsinusabilityallowcustomerstoexperiencegreate rratesofadoption, accelerate employeeramp uptime s ,andachieve ongoing productivitybenefits. Movingforward, delivering highusabilitywillbeakeydifferentiatorforCPM vendors. Whilefinanceisnotoriouslyslowtoadoptnewtechnologies,theyarenow,forthe largepart,on boardwiththebenefitsofthecloud.Theclou doffersanumberof benefitstothebottomlineincludingreducedinitialinvestment,lessongoing supportrequirements,andanoveralllowertotalcostofownership.Inaddition,CPM usersarebusinesspeopleandtheywantasolutionthattheycancontro landsupport ontheirownwithoutenlistingthehelpofITteams. Asorganizationspushfordeeperunderstandingoftheirbusinessprocesses,they areincreasinglydemandinganalyticsfunctionalityinordertoachievegreater P R O G R A M : D A T A A N D A N A L Y T I C S R E S E A R C H N O T E D O C U M E N T Q 5 4 M A R C H 2 0 1 6

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