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Revenue Performance Management for SaaS Companies

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REVENUE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT FOR SAAS COMPANIES 2 Break Down the Silos with 360º Perspective As a SaaS based company, continuously and accurately forecasting your subscription, renewal and services revenue is both challenging and critical. Vena's revenue performance management (RPM) solution helps align your departments to successfully plan and execute on often complex revenue models. With Vena's RPM solution, break down the planning silos across your finance, sales, marketing and customer care departments. Vena RPM provides a 360 degree picture of your revenue sources, models and performance, tying together corporate goals and operational plans. This holistic view contributes significantly to your revenue growth, customer retention, sustainability and profitability. Meet Revenue Forecasts with Cross Departmental Alignment • Align marketing, sales, customer care and finance to achieve revenue targets • Improve predictability of revenue forecasts on all key measures, i.e. ARR, CAC, ACV • Plan and execute effective allocation of resources based on cash, FTEs and assets • Access integrated and detailed CRM and marketing data to enhance planning, reporting and analysis Combine insights from previously disparate sources – including your CRM, ERP and GL systems – to see the best ways to grow your business How SaaS Companies can Drive Higher Revenue Improve the predictability of your revenue forecasts by aligning departments to achieve common goals. You can adjust investment decisions and reallocate resources as needed, then quickly model these adjustments to determine the best, holistic and data-driven course of action. With Vena's unified RPM solution, all your revenue-driven departments can effectively allocate cash, FTEs and other resources to optimize revenues and maximize profits. Such departmental alignment is especially valuable to high growth SaaS companies and supports the often competing goals of rapid growth, consistent agility and maximum profitability. Uncover new insights with interactive top-level dashboards and allocate resources with the best impact on your revenues and profitability

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