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Why Replace Your Traditional Finance Software with Enterprise Excel

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Virtually every company uses Excel to some degree for budgeting, planning and forecasting. But as they grow, companies inevitably require more than their Excel-based systems can deliver. That's why so many corporate performance management (CPM) vendors try to replace Excel with a solution promising more control, scalability and functionality. What they neglect to mention is a very telling statistic: CPM or ERP: Excel Never Goes Away Excel is the most used business software in the world, so it's no surprise that people want to keep using it. But it's not only the pull of Excel driving its continued use; there are inherent challenges with most CPM applications that encourage their users to keep Excel around: • Traditional CPM systems are extremely rigid and hard to customize • Their pre-built processes require expensive IT consultants to customize or make even the simplest of changes • The complexity of most CPM systems drives the regular use of the "Export to Excel" button Vena: The Best of Both Worlds Executives who believe the promises of these "replace Excel" vendors feel stung when they see these shadow processes surrounding their expensive CPM investments. But there is an alternative that transforms Excel into an enterprise-class CPM solution: Vena. Vena embraces the fact that Excel is never going away. By using Excel as its primary user interface, Vena is the only vendor that can deliver on the full promise of CPM combining: • Excel's familiarity, flexibility and power; • Enterprise-grade functionality, from a centralized, in-memory database to workflow automation and a detailed audit trail • Enhanced, real-time reporting and analysis Listen to the Crowd: Replace Your CPM System with Vena There are many examples of companies who tried to replace Excel with a CPM solution but then realized that they couldn't live without their favorite spreadsheet software. The following is just a handful of their stories: Why Replace Your Traditional Finance Software with Enterprise-Grade Excel Excel's persistence often results directly in creating two parallel processes: the official CPM system, plus a second "shadow" Excel process. This is a recipe for errors and inefficiencies, defeating the very purpose of a controlled CPM solution. " of companies use Excel to supplement their CPM system 2016 BPM PARTNERS VENDOR LANDSCAPE REPORT 83 % "

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