FirstService Residential

"That's always the goal - to work smart, not hard."

As the FP&A Director of the largest residential property management company in North America, Robbie Phillips' days are jam-packed consolidating data from 30 unique markets and fielding questions from senior leadership.

Discover how reducing the nearly two-day consolidation process to merely an hour has allowed Robbie to provide her team - and company executives - with the information they need to grow their company more effectively, including finding opportunities to challenge some of the assumptions in the markets.

Video Transcript:


I'm Robertha Phillips; you can call me Robbie. I work for FirstService Residential. We're based in Florida, and I'm the FP&A Director of the corporate team.

We are the largest residential property management company in North America, with six regions, five markets in each region, and within each of those markets you have different businesses.

We were pretty much using Excel to manage all of those divisions, all of those businesses.

So for the budgeting and the forecasting in particular, that was thousands of Excel documents, thousands of workbooks, each workbook having multiple tabs, in excess of 30 tabs in some cases. The task of coordinating and consolidating was a very big one.

So that was life prior to Vena. Life after Vena has been much simpler. The learning curve was much shorter than, say, other tools that I have used in the past.

One of the things that we do in the corporate office is consolidate for all of the markets, all of the regions, all of the divisions. It's down from maybe a day and a half to an hour.

In terms of also being able to answer some of the questions from my superiors, from senior management, before, I had to go back to the markets for most of the questions because we didn't have the insights or the capability to drill down as we do now in Vena.

So now that we're able to kinda go in and look at what their inputs are, look at what their drivers, their KPIs are, it allows me to answer questions, one, and also challenge some of the assumptions that the markets may have.

So now the teams have more time to do more of the analytical work which is what we're there for. Obviously that's always the goal, to work smart not hard.



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