Implementing FP&A Software

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As digitization drives business at ever-faster speeds, CFOs recognize the need to keep pace. They understand the importance of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solutions that allow their finance teams to develop budgets and forecasts quickly and accurately. They need confidence in their numbers and the decisions they drive.

But selecting the right FP&A software is only half the battle.

Just as important to the success of your software is that it’s implemented properly. With surprisingly few resources on what makes an implementation succeed, Vena and CFO Research are proud to present Beyond the Sale: Successfully Implementing FP&A Software.

Based on quantitative research, subject matter expert interviews and successful implementation experiences of hundreds of Vena customers, the report includes checklists, vendor questions and proven practices behind implementation success.

Read Beyond the Sale today to get the most out of your next FP&A software investment.

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