Budgeting for Flexi Financial

March 26, 2020

Flexi Financials clients - join us for this exclusive, informative, and interactive webinar and demonstration of Vena. This is a hands-on session showing the power of Vena’s Enterprise Budgeting solution – specific to Flexi Financial clients. During this 30-minute hands-on session, we’ll show you how to combine the power of Excel with Vena and Flexi to dramatically cut your cycle times and produce more accurate and reliable budgets.

Get answers to all of your questions and see…

  • How Vena automates and simplifies many of the traditional time-consuming budgeting processes and eliminates much of the manual work involved in creating budgets.
  • Why Vena’s “embrace Excel” approach leads to faster implementation times and a high rate of user adoption.
  • How Vena makes it easier to securely collaborate in Excel by adding detailed workflows, audit trails, version control, and the ability to pull in your data from Flexi and any external sources and connect your spreadsheets to a centralized database.

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