How to Become a Strategic CFO

February 27, 2020

As finance leaders help their companies adapt to the demands of a new decade, they are also having to adapt to changing requirements of their roles.

It's no longer enough for finance executives to focus on reporting a company's previous financial performance. Companies are increasingly automating the tasks to which finance executives have traditionally dedicated their time and energy, including financial reporting. Now, more than ever, they are relying on finance executives to inform forward-looking efforts, especially forecasting, planning, and strategic decision making.

During this webinar, we will highlight the skills, traits, and experience companies are seeking as they expand the role of finance executive from task manager to strategic leader. You will learn:

  • Why the focus of a finance executive's role is shifting from reporting to strategic planning,

  • Which aspects of finance lend themselves best to automation, and which will increasingly require a finance executive's expertise,

  • What capabilities and skills companies will expect finance executives to develop beyond basic accounting and finance acumen, and

  • How finance executives can prepare finance teams, including the next generation of finance leaders, for the future.

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