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For many businesses today, the budgeting process starts with sending Excel template files to department heads and other decision makers throughout your organization. But when completed files start flowing back, your finance team can quickly become overwhelmed with disparate offline documents containing incomplete information and a distinct lack of data integrity or control. They spend their time manually sifting through data instead of more value-added work - variance analyses, what-if scenarios, personalized reporting and more.

That’s where Vena comes in.

Watch this 30-minute product demo and discover how Vena can change the financial trajectory of your organization. Free your finance department from the manual burden of preparing budgets and plans. Explore how Vena’s unique approach to FP&A can shorten budget cycle time, improve data integrity, and provide more visibility into the planning process. And ultimately, create more time for your team to inform and drive organization-wide, strategic business decisions.

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May Product Release Highlights
May Product Release Highlights